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Dress Code Amendment

Victory High School has a dress code. The dress code applies during all school days and during all school-sponsored events. Victory High School’s dress code has been adopted to improve the educational environment for all students. Therefore, we have instituted a dress code that;

Fostera sense of school identity and community;
Preparestudents for the expectations related to professional attire required by future institutions, organizations and
that our students focus on learning instead of clothing;
Increase school safety and security by making the presence to visitors and outsiders immediately;
Reducethe cost of clothing for families.

Enforcement of Dress Code Policy

It is the goal of the school to have a dress code, which makes things easier for parents and students rather than more difficult. For that reason, we have made every effort to be clear about this policy and consistent in its enforcement. Parents who have questions or concerns should contact the school immediately and seek clarification.

Like all school policies, the dress code policy is strictly enforced. Although it may seem as if small exceptions should be no problem, we cannot allow deviations from this code. Our staff does not have the time to inspect every item for acceptability or exception. If the policy states, "shoes should be all black or all white” or white tops (shirt, blouse), black bottoms (pant, skirt) it means just that. It is important that all students adhere to the same code. If an exception is made for one student, it would then have to apply to all students; Therefore, all students must follow the same code.  It is in the best interest of everyone if Victory High School says what it and means what it says.” Please read the code and purchase school clothing accordingly. We have tried to make the policy clear and detailed in order to reduce ambiguity (confusion). Families who have concerns or questions should contact the school immediately.

Students who are out of dress code are not allowed to attend their classes.Parents of students who are not in dress code will be asked to bring the proper attire to school. In addition, dressing inappropriately may result in disciplinary consequences.

Victory High School dress code is not intended to suppress speech or expression. Students have alternate ways to express themselves through, among other things, verbal and written speech in the classrooms, Art, Music or Drama classes.

The governing Dress Code requires that uniforms be worn Monday through Thursday.

The uniform consists of white tops (no logos) and black bottoms (no denim or sagging) with black or white shoes (no canvas tennis shoes)

Starting this year, Seniors (12th graders) must wear also white tops as all students

The following are standards by which all students MUST adhere:

  1. Hatsmay be worn outdoors only.  Other hair coverings such as bandanas, hairnets, swim caps "doo-rags", etc. are not permitted at any time.
  2. Garmentsmust cover the torso.  The student's stomach, shoulders, sides, and back must be covered at all times.  There will be no low cut necklines that show cleavage or shirts that have narrow shoulder straps; Tank tops, spaghetti straps, undershirt or "wife-beater" type muscle shirts are not permitted.  Also, T-shirts must have sleeves intact; "ripped" shirts will not be permitted.
  3. No oversized or baggy pants shall be permitted.  Pants or shorts shall fit properly and be worn at the natural waistline.
    1. Pants that ride on or around the student's hips rather than at the waist are not permitted.
    2. Pants are to be worn with a plain belt (brown or black) with a plain buckle (no emblem or logo) at all times while on campus.
    3. Waistline cannot be below one inch of belly button.
    4. Undergarments will not be visible at any time.
    1. Pants with oversized pockets will not be permitted.
    2. The length of the pants should not be such that they touch the floor when standing. The bottom of the pant leg may not be frayed or drag the ground.
  1. Oversized shirts that present a safety concern or reflect gang style are not permitted.
  2. Only black or white undershirts will be worn under uniform golf/tee shirt. No colored T-shirts or undershirts will be permitted Monday - Thursday on regular uniform days.
  3. Clothing must be made of solid fabric; no see-through or mesh materials.
  4. Clothing and/or accessories must not depict obscene words or pictures, sexually suggestive statements or pictures, nor represent alcohol/drugs/tobacco.
  5. Skirts and dress hemlines must be no shorter than four (4) inches above the knee in length. Shorts must be no shorter than the tip of the thumb when the arm/hand is in the downward position.
  6. Clothing or accessories that encourage or promote gang affiliation or the intimidation of others shall not be permitted. Emblems or accessories designating symbols or signs shall not be worn.
  7. Safe and appropriate footwear (low cut, closed-in black shoes) is required.  No house shoes, slippers, flip flops, backless sneakers, open-toed sandals, low or high top boots or any other footwear deemed unsafe will be permitted.


Examples of proper uniform:

White tops  Black bottoms

All 100% black or 100% white shoes with no other color logos, no metal. Soles of shoes should also be black or white to match the shoe.No Converse shoes, we recommend Vans shoes or other whole black or whole white sport shoes like the ones seen here:

Man, it has to
                                    be the shoes!  

If student wear Fall or Winter-wear over uniform, listed below are examples (Uniform must always be worn under the fall or winter-wear). No hoods worn ever. Hooded sweatshirts are not allowed- even if hoods are tucked in, they are not allowed. No exceptions.

These are examples you can use:

fleece fleece

The color must be:

For all students: 100% Black, or 100% White, or 100% Gray, or 100% Navy Blue. No logos or text in the front or back of the jacket, coat or sweater.

The fabric can be sweater, fleece, cotton, rayon, wool, but not denim or blue jean fabric



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