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Jacque R. Jackson

Dear Community, Teachers, Parents and Students,

The Mission of Victory is "Prepare Students to Succeed in a Changing World," Victory has been doing this for Twenty Years. We must all agree that the world has changed tremendously since 1996!

Dr. Branham and the staff at Victory has been ceaselessly providing Phoenix, and other communities, with students that are prepared to experience success. Victory is a small school with a Private school environment. Last Year the students were introduced to a new education curriculum that allows them to experience one to one instruction with certified teachers. The program is user friendly and assist students to edit and review lessons. The program also includes AZMERIT State Assessment tutoring to help students achievement.

It has been all over the News, how Arizona, as a whole, scored on the new AZMERIT assessment measurement. Victory scored higher than the State in Language Arts. However, we still need to improve in Mathematics. Edgenuity offers Individual Learning Plans for students; which enhances their learning. Instead of students competing against each other to see who has the best grades, students are now able to compete with themselves to ensure personal success.

This year, Dr. Branham and the rest of Victory High School Staff are entering its twenty-fourth year of service to the community, with a SMILE, knowing that we have done the very best for each and every student who has passed through our doors.

We ask that if time permits, you visit Victory High School. Victory High School is a Non-Profit 501(c) 3 corporation; all financial and “In Kind” donations are appreciated and are State and Federal tax deductible.


Jacque R. Jackson

Assistant Principal



Assistant Principal.

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